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Getting Started with Bioschemas

A quick tour on what this training portal offers

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Bioschemas aims to improve findability and interoperability for Life Science resources. It does so by guiding the use of markup on Life Science websites. Guidelines include recommendations on the properties to be used together with the cardinality, ONE or MANY. It also offers recommendation on some well-known ontology terms for some particular properties. All those recommendations are what we call a “Bioschemas Profile”. Bioschemas also leads the development and posterior inclusion in of some common types used in Life Sciences, i.e., Bioschemas types.

If what we just said is not so clear to you yet, do not worry about it; this training portal is here to help you understand how to use Bioschemas Types and Profiles. Find below the right place to start with.

We have identified four audience groups who might be interested in Bioschemas tutorials. On each tutorial, as part of the “audience” description, we will always include which group we think a tutorial mostly applies to. The four audience groups are:

Brief introduction to and Bioschemas

All tutorials in this section target the “General interest” audience group. If you fall in any of the other groups but are fairly new to the topic, we invite you to start your journey here.

Markup How-to guidelines

The main target audience for these how-to guides are “Markup providers”. The secondary target audience are “Markup consumers”.

Specification Development How-to Guides

The target audience for these how-to guides are “Specification developers”.

Community-tailored tutorials

Life science communities, in particular ELIXIR communities, offer some tutorials tailored to their own needs. More information can be found on the community-based tutorials page.


For feedback, questions and comments, please create an issue and label it topic:Training Portal.

Next tutorial: What and why