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Twitter markup examples

With these examples you will get a better understanding of benefits brought by structure data, i.e., markup
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1. Searching for a biology event in Google

By performing a simple search of biology events on Google, see Figure 1, we will have as a result a preview of the information about events even before going to the actual websites; information such as the date, title and description

Biology event search in Google
Figure 1: Biology event search in Google

Displayed on the website you can find the same (and more) information for the event, see Figure 2.

Biology event detail
Figure 2: Event detail

2. behind the scenes

Behind the scenes metadata is used by Google to understand search results. In particular, it uses markup, see below.

    "name":"Synthetic Biology Congress",
       "name":"Novotel London West Hotel",
          "streetAddress":"Hammersmith International Ctre, 1 Shortlands, London W6 8DR",
       "name":"Oxford Global Conferences Ltd",
    "description":"The Synthetic Biology Congress brings together over 600 senior-level delegates representing internationally renowned research & academic institutions, clinical research institutions and pharmaceutical companies and it features over 20 case studies and presentations demonstrating the latest synthetic biology tools and their therapeutic applications."

The markup "eventStatus":"EventScheduled" is referencing the property described on and ‘EventScheduled’ is one of the options for an EventStatusType -, see Figures 3 and 4.

Event markup definition
Figure 3: Event markup definition
Event status definition
Figure 4: Event status definition

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