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BioHackathon 2022 preprint DDE & Profiles

Published: 10 May 2023

Tags: Profile Tooling Community

We are pleased to announce that our preprint from BioHackathon 2022 is available here


Bioschemas is a grassroots community effort to improve FAIRness of resources in the Life sciences by defining specific Life Science metadata schemas and exposing that metadata from resources that have adopted it. Now that some initial types have been adopted directly into, an improved mechanism is required to reignite community engagement and encourage profile development. The current process for creating or updating Bioschemas profiles and types is technical and convoluted which creates accessibility issues that can hamper community participation. As adoption of Bioschemas grows and more of the Life Science community considers contributing specific types and profiles, a more accessible creation/modification process is necessary to avoid a loss in engagement. To address this issue, and to drive further Bioschemas adoption, the community has exploited the Data Discovery Engine (DDE) for profile and type development. DDE provides a schema registry and user-friendly tools for creating and editing schemas. The goal of this project is to update existing Bioschemas community profiles in a targeted and crowd-sourced manner, add new profiles as required, and to ensure the documentation is fit for purpose to enable further Bioschemas contributions, at scale.

This work was done in collaboration with Scripps Institute.