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ComputationalTool 1.0 Request for Comments

Published: 11 October 2021

Tags: Profile ComputationalTool RequestForComment

The Tools Working Group have requested that the community consider their current draft of the ComputationalTool Profile 0.6-DRAFT to become 1.0-RELEASE. There are two minor changes between the draft and release version:

  • additionalType property deprecated and replaced by applicationCategory (#538)
  • example added for the name property

Please either comment on the Pull Request or raise new issues on the GitHub tracker. Comments should be submitted by 25 October 2021. The working group will respond to all issues raised by the community prior to the Steering Council voting on the acceptance of making the proposal a release version.

Many thanks to Alban, Matús, and Hans as well as the whole Workflow Working Group for getting these specifications to this stage.