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Organization DRAFT Profile

Version: 0.1-DRAFT-2018_03_13 (13 March 2018)

Bioschemas specification for describing a dataset in the life-science.

If you spot any errors or omissions with this type, please file an issue in our GitHub.

Key to specification table

CD = Cardinality

Mapping in progress.
Property Expected Type Description CD Controlled Vocabulary
Marginality: Minimum
description Text Schema: A description of the item. ONE
legalName Text Schema: The official name of the organization, e.g. the registered company name. ONE
name Text Schema: The name of the item. ONE
rdf:type URL Bioschemas: This is used by validation tools to indentify the profile used. You must use the value specified in the Controlled Vocabulary column. ONE Missing!
sameAs URL Schema: URL of a reference Web page that unambiguously indicates the item's identity. E.g. the URL of the item's Wikipedia page, Wikidata entry, or official website. ONE
topic Text
Bioschemas: Scientific topics that describe the organization and its activities, ideally using an ontology term from EDAM:Topic. MANY EDAM:Topic
type Text Bioschemas: The type of the organization should be selected from the Controlled Vocabulary column. MANY single-company corporation,
working party,
Marginality: Recommended
alternateName Text Schema: An alias for the item. ONE
contactPoint ContactPoint Schema: A contact point for a person or organization. MANY
fundingModel Text Bioschemas: A description of how the organization is funded. ONE
keywords Text
Schema: Keywords or tags used to describe this content. Multiple entries in a keywords list are typically delimited by commas.
Bioschemas: Keywords to describe the organization. Use complementaty ontology terms which are not available in EDAM. This should not duplicate the information in topic.
location Place
Schema: The location of for example where the event is happening, an organization is located, or where an action takes place. ONE
logo ImageObject
Schema: An associated logo. ONE
member Organization
Schema: A member of an Organization or a ProgramMembership. Organizations can be members of organizations; ProgramMembership is typically for individuals. Inverse property memberOf. MANY
memberOf Organization
Schema: An Organization (or ProgramMembership) to which this Person or Organization belongs. Inverse property member. MANY
membershipCategory Offer Bioschemas: Defines a membership category and associated fees (for projects and alliances etc.). MANY
status Text Bioschemas: To record if the organization is still alive, and if it were are project or alliance, what the outcome was, or if it has closed down or merged, why and when.
Note: There is a health-lifesci.status, but this is not related to the current status property.
ONE active,
url URL Schema: URL of the item. MANY
Marginality: Optional
attachment URL Bioschemas: Any files or related websites which give more information about this organization, e.g., flyers, third party sites, ... MANY
budget PriceSpecification Bioschemas: The annual (or total - for a project) budget for the organization. ONE
dateFounded Date Bioschemas: The date the organization was originally founded. If created through a merger, this should be the foundation date of the purchasing organization. ONE
dateModified Date
Schemas: The date on which the CreativeWork was most recently modified or when the item's entry was modified within a DataFeed.
Bioschemas: The date when the organization information was last modified.
department Organization Schema: A relationship between an organization and a department of that organization, also described as an organization (allowing different urls, logos, opening hours). For example: a store with a pharmacy, or a bakery with a cafe. MANY
dissolutionDate Date Schema: The date that this organization was dissolved. ONE
founderMember Organization
Bioschemas: For an alliance or collaboration or project, the founding members. MANY
owns OwnershipInfo
Schema: Products owned by the organization or person. MANY
parentOrganization Organization Schema: The larger organization that this organization is a subOrganization of, if any. ONE
socialMedia URL Bioschemas: Link to social media websites like twitter or facebook. MANY
subOrganization Organization Schema: A relationship between two organizations where the first includes the second, e.g., as a subsidiary. See also: the more specific 'department' property. MANY