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IDP Function and Interoperability

Date: 26 January 2022

Venue: Virtual


The ELIXIR IDP Community in 2021 started a collaboration with Gene Ontology (GO) and Evidence and Conclusion Ontology (ECO) consortia to integrate uncovered functions and techniques which are relevant for the IDP field. The DisProt database already transitioned to GO and ECO for a large part of its annotations, however many IDP functions are still underrepresented and difficult to integrate.

IDPcentral is a worldwide consortium that aims at improving accessibility to the global IDP e-infrastructure. The IDP community identified Bioschemas as the preferred technology to implement a registry of IDP databases and their annotations. Despite the great simplicity offered by Bioschemsa to expose data to the web, the standardization and definition of how and what IDP annotations to expose is complex due to the heterogeneity of the information provided by different databases.

The goal of this workshop is to showcase some of the successful solutions implemented by the ELIXIR Community and identify priorities to increase accessibility and coverage of IDP annotations.

Below are the slides that were presented.