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Metadata for Data Indexing and Data Discovery in Materials Science and Engineering, 18th RDA Plenary Meeting

Date: 09 November 2021

Venue: Virtual


Meeting page:

The meeting is organised by Zachary Trautt, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA.

Bioschemas have been asked to give a presentation about our work of improving the findability of life sciences resources. You can find the slides below.

The following content has been reproduced from the meeting web page:

Meeting objectives: The use of Linked Data, Semantic Web, and related technologies has seen a rapid and significant adoption in many domains. Projects, such as Bioschemas and CodeMeta are leading development in life science and scientific software, respectively. Furthermore, Linked Data appears to be a facet of the emerging FAIR Digital Object Framework. The materials science and engineering community is in the early stages of development regarding this technology, with numerous members of the international materials community making progress. This BoF will have the following objectives:

Define and socialize about the opportunities of Linked Data, Semantic Web, and related technologies Survey the landscape of current Linked Data, Semantic Web, and related technologies within materials science and engineering, and closely related fields Discuss opportunities and mechanisms for collaboration and consensus-building in the development and adoption of Linked Data, Semantic Web, and related technology in materials science and engineering Identify potential action steps for further progress The successful development and adoption may provide significant benefit for improved Findability of data and other resources within the materials community. This effort is complementary to a past materials RDA WG, which developed a materials resource registry. That WG specifically targeted Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) for metadata exchange within its founding documents, and specifically mentioned the need to explore other metadata format types, such as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), in its final report. By expanding into Linked Data and Semantic Web development, we aim to enable additional mechanisms for metadata indexing by data discovery services. This effort will also explore opportunities to leverage outputs of the RDA Research Metadata Schemas WG, but applied within materials science and engineering.