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Most Life sciences data repositories are missing a home page providing information about themselves with consistent structured data that would help search engines and registries to index them. Several registries (eg. biosharing,,, ...) maintain overlapping efforts to collect certain metadata (eg. title, description, keywords, ...) about “data repositories” (eg. UniProt Knowledgebase, Human Protein Atlas, Protein Data Bank, ...). Most of these registries have a manual curation process There is lack of consistency between the metadata collected by these registries

Folder: Task & Issues:

  1. Describe data repositories using Bioschemas compliant markup so data repositories can be more easily indexed by search engines and registries.
  2. Evaluate how registries should collect structured metadata exposed by data repositories to facilitate an automatic or semiautomatic update their records and present more consistent descriptions.
  3. Explore how to collect structured metadata for some of the metrics proposed by the ELIXIR data platform.



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Henning Hermjakob
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