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Version: 0.1-DRAFT-2018_03_14 (14 March 2018)

A specification for describing people in life sciences.

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The Life Science Person specification provides a way to describe bioscience people on the World Wide Web. It defines a set of metadata and vocabularies, built on top of existing technologies and standards, that can be used to represent the profile information of people in Web pages and applications. The goal of the specification is to make it easier to discover, life science profile information.

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Key to specification table
  • Green properties/types are proposed by Bioschemas, or indicate proposed changes by Bioschemas to
  • Red properties/types exist in the core of
  • Blue properties/types exist in the pending area of
  • Black properties/types are reused from external vocabularies/ontologies

CD = Cardinality

Property Expected Type Description CD Controlled Vocabulary
Marginality: Minimum
description Text Schema: A description of the item. MANY
mainEntityOfPage CreativeWork
Schema: Indicates a page (or other CreativeWork) for which this thing is the main entity being described. See background notes for details. MANY
name Text Schema: The name of the item. ONE
Marginality: Recommended
email ContactPoint
Schema: Email address. ONE
expertise URL Bioschemas: A description of the topic which this person has the most expertise in. ONE EDAM:Topic
homeLocation ContactPoint
Schema: A contact location for a person's residence. ONE
image ImageObject
Schema: An image of the item. This can be a URL or a fully described ImageObject. ONE
keywords Text Schema: Keywords or tags used to describe this content. Multiple entries in a keywords list are typically delimited by commas.
Bioschemas: Keywords to describe the person. These should be single words or short phrases that relate to a person.
memberOf Organization
Schema: An Organization (or ProgramMembership) to which this Person or Organization belongs. MANY
orcId Text
Schema: The url or ID of the person's ORCID (see: MANY
worksFor Organization Schema: Organizations that the person works for. MANY
Marginality: Optional
advisor Person Bioschemas: A person who has been an educational, professional or personal advisor to the person. MANY
curriculumVitae Text
Bioschemas: A link or body of text describing the person's notable achievements, employment history, and contact details. ONE
experience Text Bioschemas: A textual description of the professional experiences a person has acquired. MANY
funding Text Bioschemas: Textual description of current or past funding this person has acquired. MANY
interest Text
Bioschemas: Any interests held by the person. These should be single words or phrases that relate to a person. MANY
internationalActivities Text Bioschemas: Global connections related to teaching and scholarly work in the past 3 years. MANY
journalReferee CreativeWork Bioschemas: Journals this person is a referee of. MANY
language Language Schema: A sub property of instrument. The language used on this action.
Bioschemas: The languages spoken by the person.
works CreativeWork
Bioschemas: All or notable publications, presentations, training materials, research outputs or any other body of work attributed to this person. MANY

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