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The Bioschemas Training Group develops and maintains community specifications for describing training opportunities (face-to-face and online courses) and training resources (permanently accessible materials, videos, slides etc) in the Life sciences.

Folder: Task & Issues:

  1. To develop a common schema to facilitate the description and dissemination of life science training materials, courses, and course instances using
  2. To define a set of metadata and vocabularies, built on top of existing technologies and standards, that can be used to represent training in web pages and applications.
  3. To make it easier to discover, exchange and integrate life science training information across the internet.





Group Leaders

Patricia Palagi
(since 02 November 2020)

Michelle Brazas
(since 02 November 2020)

Group Members

Former Group Leads

Niall Beard
(25-Sep-2018 – 01-Oct-2020)

Gabriella Rustici
(25-Sep-2018 – 01-Oct-2020)

Former Group Members

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