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Information of samples is scattered in multiple and dispersed samples data repositories. Not all the sample data repositories have a programmatic interface and the existing variety of programmatic interfaces are diverse and changeable.

Folder: Task & Issues:

  1. Facilitate the ingestion of sample metadata from data repositories (eg. Biobank databases) into registries like the Biosamples, BBMRI Biobank directory or the UKCRC Tissue Directory via Bioschemas.
  2. Engage and help data providers and developers of BioBank LIMS to test and adopt the exposure of sample metadata via Bioschemas
  3. Contribute to contextualise information from data sample registries (eg. Biosamples) and biobank sample repositories (eg. NL Biobank) and Biobank Registries (eg. BBMRI Biobank directory)
  4. Make registries like Biosamples compliant with Bioschemas.



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