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Creating a new Bioschemas specification

If you are interested in creating a new Bioschemas specification, you can first of all share your idea creating a new issue GitHub issue. Then propose to create a new working group to bring forward a Bioschemas specification with one type in mind.

Bioschemas groups adopted the following steps to create a specification:

  1. Look at how other people describe the item you're interested in. This involves visiting sites that host or list these items and note the fields/properties used by each site to describe them. You can use this Event specification spreadsheet as a starting point.
  2. Look for common properties used across websites and come up with the most important properties shared by most sites. You can also think if there are other properties missing, and consult with the community to see if these missing properties would be useful.
  3. Look at and see if there is a type that fits what you want. You might want to browse the list of types on to see which might be possibilities.
  4. See if you can match the properties of this type to the properties you need; it is always possible to ask to the community to adopt new properties if they don't already exist. We've got more chance of adoption if we keep to what's there already, and any new suggestions are kept as generic as possible, so they're useful across domains.
  5. Compile a specification like the Events one and open it to comments to people who you think might be interested, and to the community.
  6. Start using the specification in the real world!
  7. Contact and explain the result of this specification specially highlighting new properties and types extensions.

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