Bioschemas use existing standards provided by to facilitate dissemination and information exchange within the life sciences.

Bioschemas community is working towards extending the existing standards in the following areas: events, training materials, people, standards and organisations in the life sciences. It is a open to any organisation or individual; currently it has representatives from ELIXIR, Pistoia Alliance, GOBLET, TeSS, BioSharing and BBMRI.

Main benefits of Bioschema approach:

For each of the areas (events, training materials, people, standards and organisations), Bioschemas is developing three components:

Development process and consultations

The three components for each area of activity are first developed within the Bioschemas community (e.g. Events, Organisation, and others). Once the community agrees on the proposals, they are open for comments in an open consultation. The broad life-science community has then 30 days to send their comments and suggestions on the proposed materials. The submitted comments are then discussed within the Bioschemas community, which will then propose a final proposal, taking into account all issues raised during the consultation.

You can submit your comments directly in the Google documents, or you can use the BioSchemas GitHub repository to discuss a specific issue.

The deadline is 29 February 2016.

If you missed a meeting please check the meetings and minutes page.