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Bioschemas Specifications


The Bioschemas' profiles define a community agreed layer over the model providing additional constraints. These constraints capture (i) the minimal information properties agreed by the community which are mandatory (M), recommended (R), or optional (O), (ii) the cardinality of the property, i.e. whether it is expected to occur once or many times, and (iii) associated controlled vocabulary terms drawn from existing ontologies.

Name Short description Spec. Folder Mapping Use Cases Task & Issues Examples
Beacon (v0.2) A convention for beacon to self-describe
DataCatalog (v0.2) Bioschemas specification for describing data repositories and data catalogues in the life-sciences.
Dataset (v0.2) Bioschemas specification for describing Dataset in the life-science
Event (v0.1) Specification for describing an event
LabProtocol (v0.1) Bioschemas specification describing LabProtocol in the life-science
Organization (v0.1) A specification for describing organizations in life sciences
Person (v0.1) A specification for describing people in life sciences
Protein (v0.4) Bioschemas specification describing a Protein (PhysicalEntity profile) in Life Sciences
Sample (v0.1) Bioschemas specification for describing Samples in the life-science
Standard (v0.1) Bioschemas specification for describing Standards in the life-science
Tool (v0.1) Bioschemas specification for describing SoftwareApplication in the life-science
TrainingMaterial (v0.2) A specification for describing training materials in life sciences


We have found it necessary to propose some additional types to the vocabulary. These are specified below and are expected to be pushed up to once they have stabalised.

Name Short description Type
BioChemEntity (v0.2) Bioschemas specification describing a physical entity
Data Record (v0.1) Bioschemas specification describing a data record in a dataset

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