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Training Material Group

The Bioschemas Training Material Group develops and maintains a community specification for describing training materials in biosciences available on the internet.

Training materials tend to be dispersed in an unstructured way around the Internet. They are mainly available off manually crafted web pages with a general lack of programmatic interfaces. Even though some training material providers make efforts to curate and structure their content, materials are still not described in a consistent manner that would make them easy to discover, exchange or compare programmatically.


  • To develop a common schema to facilitate the description and dissemination of life science training material, using
  • To define a set of metadata and vocabularies, built on top of existing technologies and standards, that can be used to represent training materials in web pages and applications.
  • To make it easier to discover, exchange and integrate life science training material information across the internet.



The Life Science Training Material specification is the main product of this group.

Document type Location Date Version
Living document Google doc 0.1
Snapshot Bioschemas website 2016-01-27 0.1

We keep snapshots to have a reference of previous versions and modifications. Feel free to provide feedback in the living document.


The Training Material Group is open to any organization or individual willing to contribute to the goals of this group. To become a member please follow the instructions to "Join a group".