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Sample Group

Information of samples is scattered in multiple and dispersed samples data repositories. Not all the sample data repositories have a programmatic interface and the existing variety of programmatic interfaces are diverse and changeable.


  • Facilitate the ingestion of sample metadata from data repositories (eg. Biobank databases) into registries like the Biosamples, BBMRI Biobank directory or the UKCRC Tissue Directory via Bioschemas.
  • Engage and help data providers and developers of BioBank LIMS to test and adopt the exposure of sample metadata via Bioschemas
  • Contribute to contextualise information from data sample registries (eg. Biosamples) and biobank sample repositories (eg. NL Biobank) and Biobank Registries (eg. BBMRI Biobank directory)
  • Make registries like Biosamples compliant with Bioschemas.



The Sample Group is open to any organization or individual willing to contribute to the goals of this group. To become a member please follow the instructions to "Join a group".