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Person Group

The Bioschemas Person Group develops and maintains a community specification for describing life science people profiles.

There is a wealth of descriptive information about people distributed across the web. Within the life science community, profiles of people can be found on institutional pages, project pages, community sites, repositories, and wikis amongst other online resources. These profiles often contain assortments of facts about people and their relationships to organizations and projects, such as biographic text, curriculum vitaes, positions held, roles, expertise, contact information, education, or photographs. Due to the heterogeneous nature of web pages and the differences in the terms used to describe profile information, search engines face difficulties interpreting profile pages to usefully expose facts in search results. For profiles of people in life sciences, there is also a lack of agreement on a common controlled vocabulary to define people's skill and expertise.


  • To develop a common schema to facilitate description and dissemination of life science people profiles as an extension of
  • To create a specification including a metadate schema, minimum information guidelines, recommended vocabularies as well as documentation and examples about how to use the schema.
  • To engage the community interested to describe file science people profiles to participate and shape the specification.



The Life Science Person specification is the main product of this group.

Document type Location Date Version
Living document Google doc 0.1
Snapshot Bioschemas website 2016-01-27 0.1

We keep snapshots to have a reference of previous versions and modifications. Feel free to provide feedback in the living document.


The Person Group is open to any organization or individual willing to contribute to the goals of this group. To become a member please follow the instructions to "Join a group".