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The Bioschemas Event Group develops and maintains a community specification for describing life science events.

Conferences, workshops, meetings and events in general play a very important role in knowledge sharing and acquisition of new skills. Though there are several technological solutions for event sharing, events in life sciences are still not described in a consistent manner that would make them easy to discover, exchange or compare. Because there is no single standard to follow, the dissemination, discovery and aggregation of events is not effective. As a result, the advertisement of an event in third party websites normally requires manual curation to shape the content to each provider's requirements.


  • To develop a common schema to facilitate the description and dissemination of life science events, using
  • To create a specification that includes a metadata schema, minimum information guidelines and recommended vocabularies. It should also include documentation and examples about how to use the event schema.
  • To engage the people that are interested in describing life science events to participate and shape the specification.



The Life Science Event specification is the main product of this group.

Document type Location Date Version
Living document Google doc 0.1
Snapshot Bioschemas website 2016-01-27 0.1

We keep snapshots to have a reference of previous versions and modifications. Feel free to provide feedback in the living document.


TeSS is an events and training materials portal. You can add your events to this site and then they will be published on popular events sites such as iAnn.

Guidelines to adopt Bioschemas and in Drupal

Coming soon


The Event Group is open to any organization or individual willing to contribute to the goals of this group. To become a member please follow the instructions to "Join a group".


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